Seller Guideline

Seller Faq

How frequently will I get paid?

You will be paid out when your joined income reach in any event $20. Installments are issued on the fifteenth (or next business day) of every month and depend on earlier months' deals.,. furthermore, Payouts are sent to the PayPal email address recorded in your record settings.

Sellers requires to offer support?

Truly, venders required to give fundamental help to their clients,

How long it takes to audit my Submission?

Depends. It might took 5-7 days to survey and distribute your thing on DigitalGIG (on the off chance that it got endorsed)

Can I resubmit my Item after improvements?

Yes, if your item got rejected, you can improve and resubmit for next review.

Can I sell same Item in different/multiple marketplaces?

Yes, you can sell your item in any marketplace, we offer the same payment rates whether you sell exclusively with us or not.

Submission Guideline for Website Template/Theme


Submission guideline designed to ensure a minimum standard of all items. Although item approvals reside with the reviewer, following these guidelines will minimize the chances of your item being rejected.

• Items must be built using Bootstrap 3 or newer and HTML5.
• Items must follow Bootstrap’s infrastructure, fundamental elements, and the bootstrap’s native standard grid system
• Items must maintain a necessary level of design quality and vary sufficiently from the default Bootstrap styling.
• Preview Image is 900X600 Pixels, Max size 1 MB and therefore should display properly with these dimensions.
• Must Provide item Demo URL without any iframe or advertisement.
• Items Source code, Documentation and all text must be written in English.
• Items must be compatible with all major browsers.
• Items must include basic documentation.
• Items must free of any console/javascript error.
• Item must be All Device Capable (mobile/ desktop/tablet)
• Item sellers must provide basic support.
• Third-party assets used to build your item must be properly licensed or free for commercial use
• Have any Questions, drop us a mail: info[at]digitalgig.net or use contact form

Payment Rates

Sellers can earn up to 80% of each sale.